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  • HoudiniEsq
  • Matter Management

    Manage everything having to do with a Matter or Case
    from a single application dashboard. Everything from
    related parties, notes, task, events, time, custom
    forms, documents, account balances, trust ledgers,
    and assigned staff.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate your firm's workflow by defining automated
    task that are triggered when a staff member performs
    an action. Generate documents (Word or PDF), send,
    emails, notify staff, calendar events, create alerts,
    autofill fields, and so much more. The customizable
    Workflow in HoudiniEsq enforces a firm's best practices
    and automates repetitive task. No other product on
    the market is as comprehensive as HoudiniEsq. Show me

  • Document Assembly
    & Automation

    The integrated document management system is
    designed to streamline workflow and seamlessly
    integrates with MS Word and Google Drive.
    Automatically generate one or more documents
    based on user input. When you link to a Matter,
    your docs, e-mail, and email attachments are full
    text indexed for you. Bullet fast full text search
    is just a click away.

  • Email Management

    The email client displays your email as it was intended
    by the sender. When linking an email to a Matter your
    email is full text indexed including its attachments.
    Emails and attachments appear immediately under the
    Matter's email tab. HoudiniEsq also seamlessly
    integrates with MS Outlook, where you can manage your
    firm's email, contacts and calendar. Google calendar
    is also fully supported.

  • Manage your day

    Manage everything on your plate for the day from
    the integrated Getting-Things-Done dashboard. You
    can monitor upcoming events, things to do, review
    items that others require your input on, and view
    any critical alerts. Make sure everything that
    needs to get done - gets done - by removing items
    as you complete them. You can even bill as you review
    each item.

  • Group Calendaring
    & Scheduling

    Powerful group calendaring and scheduling. No limit
    to the number of calendars you can create. View your
    calendars any way you like - list, weekly, monthly,
    daily, schedule, or custom. All staff can view the
    entire firm's calendars. Filter calendars by staff,
    group, event type, matter, etc. Rescheduling events
    is easy, just drag-n-drop. Google calendar and
    Outlook sync is fully supported.

  • Client Access
    & Custom Intakes

    You can provide your clients and any related
    contacts (co-counsel, trustees. codefendants,
    etc) with secure access to matter related
    information. Your clients can now view staff
    generated important notices, view a case's
    progress, important dates, view invoices,
    and view documents. You can even allow your
    clients to upload documents directly to their
    matter where staff are instantly notified.



A comprehensive suite of tools to maximize productivity, improve communication, and streamline workflow.

Feature rich

Manage clients, matters, email, documents, task, todos, notes, time, invoices, fees, expenses, trust, staff, and so much more. Expand your practice geographically while maintaining your data centrally.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with Outlook, Word, Excel, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Drive,,, and the US Postal Service.

Customizable and extensible

Customize tables, forms, and fields. Fields can be added by type, sub-type, status code, and custom attributes, or any combination thereof. Eliminate repetitive error prone task while improving staff productivity with our exclusive Workflow Automation features.

I have "captured" so much billable time since implementing HoudiniEsq.

William P. Burns Jr Esq

Some of HoudiniEsq features are far ahead of any other system currently available.

Seth Roland - TechoLawyer Peer Review

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